Condensing vs Non-Condensing

If you’re pricing tankless units based only on input, it’s like using the wrong end of a hammer

Before you pick a non‑condensing tankless water heater to save money, check out the total costs.

Consider the Navien NPE-S Series (NPE-240S, NPE-210S, NPE-180S, NPE-150)
condensing advantages:

  • More output for the money. With high efficiency condensing technology, NPE-S units deliver more BTUs where it counts, resulting in greater flow rates than comparable units.
  • Lower installation costs for you. You can typically install a NPE-S in half the time of other tankless units — usually within 4 hours, with more flexibility and lower material costs.
  • Lower operating costs for the homeowner. Our industry leading 0.99 EF can save the homeowner more on the yearly operating costs.

…so why are you pricing tankless units only on input?

It’s all about output

You wouldn’t use
the wrong end of
your tools…

…it’s simple!

Navien’s next-generation condensing tankless technology is designed to simplify every installation and offer the best hot water experience. It eliminates the tankless obstacles of the past, making it an ideal solution for tank replacements. Simple retrofit, ultra high condensing efficiency and now field gas convertibility all combine to make the NPE series easily the best choice in tankless.

The industry’s strongest
residential warranty

Long life components, advanced technology and superior craftsmanship assure that your Navien tankless water heater will provide years of trouble‑free service. For added peace of mind.